Afternoon in Paris17.10.17Peace
Agua de Beber04.02.02Agua de Beber
Agua de Beber03.10.14The Latin Train
All the things you are21.11.07Loverman
Alright, okay, you win15.06.02VfL Big Band
Autumn Leaves11.10.07Loverman
A weaver of dreams17.10.17Peace
Birdland15.06.02VfL Big Band
Blue Bossa13.09.11Come Candela
Body & Soul14.03.14The Marburg Jazz Quartet
Caravan15.06.02VfL Big Band
Cafe con leche06.11.01Agua de Beber
Cafe con leche15.06.02VfL Big Band
Ceora21.11.13Just first takes
Ceora14.03.14The Marburg Jazz Quartet
Come Candela13.09.11Come Candela
Conchita13.01.01The Cat Strikes again
Corcovado14.07.23You’re a Joy
Corcovado24.10.98The Cat Strikes again & 2
Dear Lord17.04.08Voices
Delirio13.09.11Come Candela
Easy Living17.10.17Peace
El Cura13.09.11Come Candela
Every Day I have the Blues15.06.02VfL Big Band
Giant Steps07.03.08Voices
Hi Fly17.10.17Peace
Home at last21.11.13Just first takes
Home at last14.03.14The Marburg Jazz Quartet
How Insensitive14.07.23You’re a Joy
I´ll be around09.10.08Voices
I´m an old cowhand04.06.08Voices
In a sentimental mood28.11.07Loverman
In the wee small hours14.07.23You’re a Joy
It might as well be spring15.08.08Voices
Joy Spring14.07.23You’re a Joy
Joy Spring10.02.08Voices
Joy Spring24.06.22Nacht der Kunst
Knockin‘ on heavens door18.08.00Man on the Line
Les mains derrière le dos03.10.94The Cat Strikes again
Linda Chicana13.09.11Come Candela
Manteca03.10.14The Latin Train
Manteca13.09.11Come Candela
My better half13.09.11Come Candela
My better half17.06.95The Cat Strikes again
My funny Valentine08.07.08Voices
On a clear day21.11.13Just first takes
On green Dolphin Street27.11.07Loverman
Only ten minutes left15.09.97The Cat Strikes again
Shirley21.11.13Just first takes
The Girl from Ipanema14.07.23You’re a Joy
The Rainbow People17.10.17Peace
The same day13.01.01The Cat Strikes again
The Shadow of your Smile09.12.07Loverman
The 23rd of August17.06.95The Cat Strikes again
This I dig of you14.07.23You’re a Joy
This I dig of you14.03.14The Marburg Jazz Quartet
This I dig of you21.11.13Just first takes
This Masquerade22.12.07Carmen Whitehurst
Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets03.10.14The Latin Train
Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets13.12.07Loverman
What is this thing called love18.11.07Loverman
Whisper not14.07.23You’re a Joy
Whisper not24.11.07Loverman
You’re a Joy14.07.23You’re a Joy